About Us

Howdy ya’ll!  

Fer and Kyle here. As you might be able to already tell, we are Texans but have our hearts in many places (especially Cabo).  We recently sealed the deal in Cabo (of course) on February 26th of this year (2021) despite the year of the vid de Co. 

We are looking to document our travels, including but not limited to restaurant reviews, excursions, traveler insights and crazy explorations. We want to provide you guys with travel guides, tips, wanderlust inspo, and more. 

When we are not traveling we stay busy hanging out with family and friends, going to the lake, playing tennis, cooking, hiking, and finding nearby adventures. Fer stays busy working in her practice ‘Central Health Therapy’ helping patients improve their speech, language, cognition, voice, and swallowing function (she is a Speech-Language Pathologist) and Kyle stays busy slanging homes (aka Real Estate Agent) and working on his sex appeal (JK!). 

We look forward to sharing our travels and our life with you, as well as getting to know you all! 

Goodbye for now, catcha on the flip side ! xx Fer & Kyle

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